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White LilyWhite Lily

White Lily

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桜咲ひなの - White Lily
  • 桜咲ひなの

  • Age : 22
  • 167/91(G)/58/89
黒咲すずか - White Lily
  • 黒咲すずか

  • Age : 21
  • 152/83(C)/57/85
河北れおな - White Lily
  • 河北れおな

  • Age : 22
  • 160/85(D)/56/83


Tokyo 23 wards
Tokyo 23 Wards
Business hours
10:00am – 4:00am
90 min ¥65,000〜
120 min ¥80,000〜
Extension 30 min ¥20,000〜

90 min ¥80,000
120 min ¥105,000
Extension 30 min ¥30,000

Nomination fee: 5,000 yen
Enrollment fee: 3,000 yen, now only 0 yen during opening campaign
Payment method
JPY / VISA / MasrerCard / JCB / AmericanExpress
Web Site

Shop Information

Our club operates as an exclusive membership-based high-class escort service. The flower language of the Lily is “purity,” “innocence,” and “dignity.” Lilies have long been treated with reverence in Christianity as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
Among them, the white Lily is known as the “Madonna Lily,” symbolizing the “purity” of the Virgin Mary.
The ladies in our establishment include models, flight attendants, actresses, celebrities, AV actresses, female doctors, and completely amateur women. Only women who meet our strict selection criteria are enrolled, and our services are provided exclusively to selected customers, making us a “high-class delivery health service” operating on a complete membership basis.
We will guide you to the lilies who possess both beauty and style, able to meet your every desire.

■Terms of Use
At our establishment, we strictly prohibit the use of individuals who fall under any of the following categories, or those whom we, the establishment, or the ladies deem to fall under the following. No refunds will be provided for service interruptions due to the reasons listed below. Furthermore, damages resulting from the applicable items will be subject to compensation claims. In case of malicious conduct, we will report it to the relevant police station, so please be sure to take sufficient care.

・In cases where solicitation for sexual intercourse is coerced or if the act itself is discovered, the play will be immediately interrupted, and medical expenses will be charged.
(In cases of unresponsiveness or attempted escape, we will immediately contact the relevant police station and proceed with claims through a third-party agency.)
・In cases where scouting activities are discovered, we will seek compensation for actual damages.
(We will take appropriate action, including taking photos of the customer.)
・If it is discovered that the fees received are missing upon the girl’s departure or after her departure, we will immediately contact the relevant police station.
・Individuals who are recorded, filmed, or eavesdropped upon using devices such as cameras or recorders, regardless of the ladies’ consent.
・Those who solicit or exchange personal contact information for personal dates outside the establishment, or engage in communication.
・Those who post on external bulletin boards such as 2channel, as well as those who read or show such posts to the ladies.
・Those affiliated with organized crime or equivalent, or those with tattoos.
・Individuals who treat the ladies roughly, such as excessive fingering, or those who utter intimidating remarks that scare women.
(Since the ladies’ bodies can be harmed, we kindly ask that customers ensure their nails are trimmed before the start.)
・Those who do not shower before play.
・Illegal drug users or substance abusers (if discovered, we will report to the relevant police station through administrative guidance).
・Those with sexually transmitted diseases or suspected thereof.
・Those who move to locations without permission from the playroom.
・Those who coerce plays other than basic plays (basic plays vary depending on the woman).
・Individuals who are heavily intoxicated or have difficulty playing for hygienic reasons.
・Those who engage in stalking or similar behaviors.
・Those who engage in acts that the ladies dislike.
・Individuals whose delivery destinations lack facilities such as baths or showers (shared baths are also not allowed).
・Individuals who have multiple people in one room at a single home or hotel location.
・Any other individuals deemed inappropriate by our establishment.

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