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AKASAKA biryou赤坂美療

AKASAKA biryou
Sora - AKASAKA biryou
  • Sora

  • Age : 34
  • T151 B88(C) W59 H87
Mai - AKASAKA biryou
  • Mai

  • Age : 36
  • T158 B89(F) W58 H86
Reimi - AKASAKA biryou
  • Reimi

  • Age : 38
  • T170 B84(C) W58 H85


Uguisudani, Ueno, Akihabara
Business hours
9:30am – 8:00pm

Masochist sensual shop does not involve any physical harm or pain like SM.


It is a store where "sluts" who love to play naughty pranks on men entertain you in a gentle and polite manner so that you can feel the thrill and excitement.


The fingertips and tongues crawling all over the body make you writhe in agony, sobs leak out involuntarily, and the tongues and obscene tools are inserted into the anus in a lewd manner....


Our high spec lascivious ladies will take you to a time of extreme pleasure and healing that you cannot get from sex.

Regular Course
100 min ¥45,000
120 min ¥60,000
180 min ¥75,000

3P Course
100 min ¥80,000
120 min ¥100,000
180 min ¥120,000
Payment method
Web Site

Shop Information

This is a long-established masochist sensual shop in Ueno for 33 years.
Women with skillful techniques who restrain men and take away their freedom are in earshot.
We will deliver 120 minutes of pleasure while whispering.

“M sensuality” does not include play that hurts the body or causes pain like SM.

A “slut” who loves playing naughty pranks on men.
Gently and carefully feel the throbbing sensation
This is a restaurant that offers hospitality as if you were in a restaurant.

You can’t help but let out a sob as you writhe at the fingertips and tongue crawling all over your body.
The tip of the tongue inserted into the anus in a lewd manner and a tool that is too obscene…

Our high-spec sluts will take you to a time of exquisite pleasure and healing that cannot be obtained through sexual.

*Please let us know your desired date, time, and designated woman via LINE or email.

*Please arrive at a hotel near the Uguisudani North Exit by the time of your reservation on the day.

*Please let us know your hotel name and room number.

*After the woman arrives, please pay the play fee in advance.

* After taking a shower together, the play begins.

*Touching a woman is only possible with the woman’s permission.

*If there is any violent behavior, forced performance, secret filming, or eavesdropping, we will report it to the police.

*Please follow the rules and have a memorable time.
optional clothing service:

enema (hot water、Expansion)


low temperature candle  



women’s underwear

Kimono clothes

Japanese clothes


high heels

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