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Robot Deliheruロボットデリヘル

Robot Deliheru

Tokyo Escort Agent Special Coupon

Mention about「Tokyo Escort Agent」
New customers only “Immediate Blowjob + Deep Throating + Photograph Nomination Fee” set 60 min 29,000 JPY!!
LIME - Robot Deliheru
  • LIME

  • Age : 20
  • T147 B89 (E) W58 H88
MIKAN - Robot Deliheru

  • Age : 20
  • T158 B84 (C) W55 H84
HIYORI - Robot Deliheru

  • Age : 21
  • 158cm B90(F) W56 H88


Tokyo 23 Wards
Departure area
Business hours

【Basic play】
Raw blowjob
Finger insertion
Lotion play
Deep kiss
Anal licking
Whole body service
Costumes can be brought in
1 rope

Admission fee 3,000yen
Photo nomination 2,000yen
This nomination 2,000yen
Extension 30 minutes 13,000yen

【Basic Price】
60min 21,000yen
90min 31,000yen
120min 41,000yen
180min 61,000yen
240min 81,000yen

【Long course】
360min 110,000yen
8h 140,000yen
24h(one day) 400,000yen

【Basic play】
Raw blowjob
Finger insertion
Lotion play
Deep kiss
Anal licking
Whole body service
Costumes can be brought in
1 rope

【Multiple play】
1,000yen discount for 3P
2,000yen discount for 4P
3,000yen discount for 5P

【Robot SM pack】
Robot course 8,000yen
Handcuffs/Legcuffs/Collar/Big vibrator/Rope

This is a great pack for those who want to enjoy SM play.

【Electric vibrator attachment pack】
Robot course 9,000yen
Electric vibrator/Two types of electric vibrator attachments

【Face restraint pack】
All head mask nose hook mouth cangue 10,000yen
Whole head mask/Nose hook/Mouth shackle(Gag or Open mouth shackle・Aperture mask)

It is a wonderful plan that focuses on the face of a beautiful girl!

【Robot SM pack A】
Robot course 15,000yen
Enema/Anal vibrator/AF

This is a great pack for those who want to enjoy anal play.

【Stop time SP pack】
Immediate scale (play starts immediately after entering the room) Irama cosplay fig 16,000yen
Immediate scale (play starts immediately after entering the room)/Deep Throating/Cosplay/Ichijiku enema/Stop time

Stop time and enjoy the course moreThis is a special pack!
(Cosplay can be specified)

【Robot SM pack S】
Robot course 20,000yen
Hemp rope/Candle/Nose hook/Anal vibrator/Urine shower/Enema

It is a pack for those who want to enjoy various plays more than a normal robot pack.

【Lesbian 3P Master Pack】
Robot course 24,000yen
Strap-on/Electric vibrator/Attachment(2 each)+Double-headed dildo

【Robot pet pack】
Robot course for advanced users! 40,000yen
Collar/Immediate scale (play starts immediately after entering the room)/Deep Throating/Urophagia/Gulp

I want to treat the robot like a pet as I want.
If it is for my husband, I will serve anything by myself.

【Charged option】
Pantyhose 1,000yen
Panties 1,000yen
Eye mask 1,000yen
Barcode sticker 1,000yen
SD card 1,000yen
Special funny face 1,000yen
SD cam rental 2,000yen
Handcuffs 2,000yen
Legcuffs 2,000yen
Collar 2,000yen
1 hemp rope 2,000yen
Remote control vibrator 2,000yen
Clothespin 2,000yen
Dedicated controller 2,000yen
Various cosplay 2,000yen
Soft whip 2,000yen
No panties enter 2,000yen
2 hemp ropes 3,000yen
Big vibrator 3,000yen
Anal vibrator 3,000yen
Anal plug 3,000yen
Strap-on 3,000yen
Open mouth shackle/Gag 3,000yen
Aperture mask 3,000yen
Whole head mask 3,000yen
Tickling play 3,000yen
Bondage tape 3,000yen
Electric vibrator 5,000yen
Nose hook 5,000yen
Use Alpha Inn 5,000yen
Immediate scale (play starts immediately after entering the room) 5,000yen
Deep Throating 5,000yen
Enema 5,000yen
Face launch 5,000yen
Urine shower(Below the neck) 5,000yen
Candle 5,000yen
Ichijiku enema(Two) 5,000yen
Face licking 5,000yen
Chewing 5,000yen
Spanking 5,000yen
Clothes shooting(To underwear/Eye mask) 5,000yen
Clothes shooting(To underwear/Appearance) 10,000yen
Photograph(Eye mask) 10,000yen
Shave 10,000yen
AF 10,000yen
Milk & Coffee & Yogurt enema 10,000yen
Gulp 10,000yen
Saliva drinking 10,000yen
Vomiting 20,000yen
Urine facial 20,000yen
Photograph(Appearance) 30,000yen
Urophagia 30,000yen
Manure coating(Below the neck) 50,000yen
Manure licking 100,000yen
Coprophagy 300,000yen
Immediate scale(5,000yen)+Deep Throating(5,000yen)special offer! A total of 9,000yen

【Facial expression list】
No.1:Expressionless free
No.2:Smile free
No.3:Crying face free
No.4:Angry face free
No.5:Despise face free
No.6:Disdain face free
No.7:"Ahe"gao 1,000yen
No.8:Troll face 1,000yen
No.9:Guess face 1,000yen
No.10:Live face 1,000yen
No.11:"Toro" face 1,000yen
No.12:Sharp face 1,000yen
No.13:"Nho" face 1,000yen
No.14:Single piece 1,000yen
No.15:Double piece 1,000yen
No.16:Two-handed par 1,000yen
No.17:"Nyan Nyan" Pose 1,000yen
※Can be combined. Example:No.7&No.15("Ahe"gao double piece)
※Adding two or more facial expressions does not incur additional charges.
To the last, we charge 1,000 yen for the act of making a special face change.

【Animal list】
~Selectable animals~

【Transportation expenses】
Hotels around Kabukicho


Toshima ward・Nakano ward・Shibuya Ward・Minato Ward・Chiyoda Ward・Bunkyo Ward

Itabashi Ward・Nerima Ward・Setagaya Ward・Meguro Ward・Shinagawa Ward・Taito Ward・Suginami Ward・Arakawa Ward・Chuo Ward・Kita Ward・Koto Ward・Sumida Ward

Adachi Ward・Katsushika Ward・Edogawa Ward・Ota Ward
Payment method
JPY / VISA / MasrerCard / JCB / AmericanExpress
Web Site

Shop Information

Hi. I’m AKI, a manager of this store, “Robot Call-Girl”.
People say Japanese brothels are the best in the world.
Japanese ladies tend to devote something/someone having a spirit of hospitality, so I think they are suited for working at brothel.
I just personally like brothels, and I have visited many brothels all over the world. Of course every brothel has its own nice taste, but there are not any better brothels than those of Japan regardless of the fact I am Japanese.
There’s no doubt that is correct. This brothel-lover, who have started a brothel store just because I like brothels so much, says that’s sure.
Our store’s name is “Robot Call-Girl”.
The type of brothel is an SM club.
We set a brand new concept here, “a call-girl brothel where a customer can select Conversation/No Conversation”.
Without having conversations, a customer doesn’t have to care about the girl in communication and he can enjoy the play without anxiety.
Even if you are a little unsociable person, we would like you to refresh yourself as you hope. That’s the reason why, we settled this concept.
In this way, it doesn’t need to split your time for anything else.
That means, during the time you can do an erotic play only.
In addition, speechless overwhelms a language barrier.
Japanese is spoken in Japan, and almost all of Japanese are not good at speaking a foreign language representing English.
Languages don’t matter in our brothel, Robot Call-Girl.
Because you don’t have to have conversations in a play.
If you want to do an SM play or hentai play, visit us and enjoy it.
This is the brothel where there are beautiful girls the most in Japan.

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