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Interview with the Manager of Sexy Milf

I interviewed the manager of a popular store in Tokyo directly!


Please introduce yourself.

Nice to meet you! My name is Fujio!

Age: 47 years old
Hobbies: Golf
Height: 174 centimeters
Weight: 72 kilograms (currently on a diet)
Industry experience: 20 years

What kind of store is Sexy Milf?

A specialized amateur establishment featuring mature ladies and married women who have earned the top spot in the Shibuya rankings on a renowned website and have been beloved by customers for 13 years.


Please tell me the enjoyable points.

Have you ever desired to indulge in the company of real Japanese married women or mature amateur women in their prime?
We can fulfill those genuine desires of customers to the fullest extent.

What kind of ladies are on staff?

Our establishment has genuine married women alongside women in their 20s and 30s who work regular jobs.
Since they are not professionals, the number of women with extraordinary skills is limited.
However, we consistently guide our girls on their customer service attitude to ensure that, for the entire time chosen by the customer, both the customer and the woman can enjoy being together to the fullest.


Please recommend courses and fees.

The recommended course is the 90-minute session.

Incall (Japanese cultural escort style)
Regular visit discount rate: ¥26,000

Outcall (Delivery-style)
¥26,000 + Membership fee ¥2,000 + Transportation fee

*If there is a specific request, an additional ¥2,000 will be charged.

We are a reputable adult entertainment establishment with a long history in Shibuya. There are absolutely no additional charges beyond the displayed fees!
Please feel secure and enjoy some intimate moments with our ladies.

Finally, please give a message to the customers.

In the world, there are shops that are well-received regardless of their pricing, whether high or low, across various industries.
Unfortunately, there are also shops with the opposite reputation.
“You get what you pay for.”
“Penny wise and pound foolish.”
are not even worth discussing.

I am Japanese, and I do not want to create unpleasant experiences for foreign visitors who have come all the way to Japan.
I believe that once you experience our service, you will be satisfied.
Please enjoy the best hospitality from these ladies.


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